Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25 PA++

I got a mini sample of this from my friend a while back and tried it out before I left for my trip. 

Heres what their official site states: 

Color and consistency:
On their website it comes in 3 different shades 13 (Light Milk Beige), 21 (Light Pink Beige), and 23 (Natural Yellow Beige). I think I got the No. 23 sample. This bb cream has a peachy tone to it and is thick in consistency.
This product oxidizes very fast. I know in the picture I look pale, but after an hour or so I look pretty dark (I forgot to take a pic at the end of the night).

Coverage: medium
Although it says it gives "perfect coverage" I didn't find that it covered marks at all but gave me a mask like effect. I had to go over my spots with a better foundation. It also emphasizes lines if you have dry skin.

Oil Control:
NO GOOD! It didnt control oil very well, I personally have pretty dry skin but after using this product, I am pretty greasy in about 2 hours. This product didn't break me out

Brightening: I have enough to see the "brightening effects" that it states as I did not have enough to use it that long.

Would I buy this? Probably not specially if it retails for $45.99 at Missha Website



  1. It has looks to function pretty nicely as a brightener.. usually BBCreams don't have that "flawless"coverage.

  2. did u end up buying the red tube one?

  3. hey :) i got the Canmake cream cheek blushes from City's super in HK!

    i love the coverage of the perfect cover bb cream by missha but it's too heavy for summer weather! agree with you on the oil control bit!

  4. I own a full size Missha Signature BB (bought it without doing enough research) and unfortunately i have very similar feelings to yours - wearing it i get super greasy after about an hour! :(