Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surprise after Surprise

I'm back from my xmas trip! It was short but I still ended up spending a ton of $! 
But before I left I got so many bday surprises!

First, Hamachi sashimi takeout waiting for me in the car! My fav! 

Then the day of my bday dinner, I got tricked. They all told me we were going to this sushi restaurant that we normally go to so it didnt seem that speical. Before we went, he told me he had to stop by this place to get something first. When we got to the little strip mall I was like HEY! theres a new sushi restaurant here! and jokingly I said maybe we should call them and tell them to come here instead! So he parked and I got out and I went to check this place out. As I was looking through the window I saw all my friends there! Except i thought oh maybe they found this place by accident too and was planning to tell me to come here instead! haha but that wasnt that case :P I fell right into their plan! 

It was a very nice restaurant with very good sushi! 

Then my favorite cake!

The next day I had another surprise! We went to Bears Den a restaurant that Ive wanted to go to for a long time but theyre always booked! 

 And finally! PRESENTS! My favorite part! 

I feel soo lucky to have so many great friends! Thank you! I had a great birthday!


  1. Happy belated b-day! Loved the pics =D

  2. The food looks absolutely mind blowing ... I could almost taste the fish just staring at your pics ... ;) Fantastic dinner! And the gifts! Very late happy b! :)