Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cancun 2010!

Went to Cancun, Mexico for 7 days! At first i wasnt really THAT excited... i was too worried about coming back home like a CHA! well... I came home as a bun bun (just call me Maria...)even though I slapped on a bijillion layers of spf 100 AND 55! AND wore my "rich women hat" ALL the time (even in the water)! but still I came back as a bunbun... I guess thats betters than cha?!
But neways.. enough about my asian obsession of being pale as a ghost!
Even though I came home cha, the trip was amazing! The seafood there is awesome, the parties are crazy and the ocean is just breath taking!!
Here are some pics of the night we arrived in Cancun!!

More to come later!

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