Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Copper Chic

Im in my blogging mood even though i shouldnt be because I have an exam tomorrow morning... but here I am.
Finally did a look with this palette which I love! I recently went to Cancun and this was the only shadow i brought and loved it! It super smooth and silky as mentioned in my earlier posts!

Products used in this look:

1. Use A all over lid.

2. Use B on lid, but not over crease line

3. Line lash line with C and wing out a tiny bit.

4. finally used 1 coat of mascara, highlighted the corners with A and tight lined with 2L MUF aqua eyeliner (plz ignore my blood shot eyes -_-)

Thats it!! super easy look! great for day and night time.. usually if im going out at night with this look ill add a couple more coats of scara and tight line with a black gel liner.

Hope you liked it!! Wish me luck on my test tomorrow :(!

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