Friday, May 28, 2010

Revlon Spring 2010

I recently saw this while i walking around in Rexall Pharmacy. Its the Revlon Spring 2010 collection! The colors r soooo pretty and soo SPRING (even though it snowing outside where I live ><)
I actually only picked up the nail polish (not shown in picture) as I dont have any pale pastel colors in my collecton.

There were 4 new colors in this collection: Minted, Peach Petal, Lilac Pastelle, and Gray Suede. The color Jessica Biel is wearing is Lilac Pastelle which is a beautiful purple color. Gray Suede is kind of like a taupey gray. I only bought Minted and Peach Petal as I already have a taupe color and light purples just dont compliment my skin tone. They were around $5.25 per polish which is quite $$ in my opinion.

Like my ice cream/cupcake designs?

What i think of them?
I was quite disappointed in these specially for $5 a pop! The colors r pretty... but the formula is SUPER DUPER streaky!! I painted 2 coats on and it is still somewhat streaky!! I usually am pretty lucky with Revlon polishes as I found they usually only need one coat for a nice finish but unfortunately not Minted and Peach Petal >
Would i buy again?
Prob not (not only cuz they limited edition) but because the formula just suxs! I think i would rather pay a little bit more for a better formula!

I also picked up Nicole by OPI polish in "Show you care" and the Nic's Stick in "Snow time to wait".
"Show you care" is a dark purple which almost looks black in some lights, mine is drying out so I thought i would get a new one as they were on sale for $5.99!!

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