Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Funday

I cant remember if i posted this be4 but I got this as a gift a while back.

It comes with a little lesson booklet that teaches you natural and smokey eye looks you can do with the palette.

The package comes with: 
Benetint (my favorite in this package)
Hola blusher
Shimmering rose lip gloss
4 eye shadows: shimmering bronze, light champagne, pink satin, pretty in plum
Brown eye liner
2 brushes

Benetint: I luv this stuff! Its a pretty pink stain for your cheeks and lips that lasts for about 6 hours.

Hola: Im not a bronzer girl so didnt find this amazing, nor do i contour....

Shimmering Rose lip gloss: pretty peach color that doesnt stick and smells like peaches as well :D

Eye shadows: smooth, pigmented and pretty colors. Nothing that crazy exciting though as I had similar colors already. (Colors are true to picture)

Dark Brown eye liner: goes on pretty smoothly, lasts all day. Can be used on waterline

2 Brushes: pretty good quality for "free" brushes, but i still prefer using my own as it feels awkward with the mini handle.

Overall: all in all, not a too exciting palette for those of you who already have a ton of neutrals but a great palette for newbies who luv neutrals and plums and wanna try some of Benefits best sellers. Its also a great palette to travel with because you just need to bring this!

Enjoy the rest of your SUNDAY!


  1. thanks!! this is such a cute set!! i'm not much of a bronzer gal myself :p

  2. I love that design on the front! Can't go wrong with neutrals.

    P.S are a hardcore cellphone charm lover huh? ;)