Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Free Sanrio watches!

I saw these at McDonalds before Christmas but they were all sold out...well the ones I wanted (eg. Hello Kitty, My Melody). The only one I could get my hands on was Chococat, which I still loved because It matches most of my wardrobe but I really wanted HK!
So I asked the manager at McDs if he could sell me the display ones. He told me that he couldnt sell the display ones until the promotion was over, however, promised to save them for me. About 2 weeks after leaving my name and number, he called and gave me the WHOLE display for free! I didnt have to pay a cent for these watches! I cant believe there are still such nice people in this world!
I love all of them! :D! Did you get your hands on any?


  1. Whooa~ Lucky you!!! I didn't get any :(

  2. wow where was this?? I would totally grab all of them if they were available.