Monday, March 21, 2011

Get Hooked

We went to McDs the other day for a quick snack cuz we were famished and the picture of the fillet o fish in the coupon book just looked sooo darn good! 

heaven in a box!  

It was sooo good! We finished it in like 30 seconds! 

Whats your favorite McDs burger? 


  1. I haven't had a filet o fish for a very long time. My fave burger is the junior chicken and their fries are super addicting!!

  2. i always see the ad "2 for $3 fish fillet" lol. i pass by it everytime i drive home.. my fav mcd's burger would have to be the spicy chicken for $1 haha.. and i love love their fries.. soo good !

  3. omg fish filet is my absolute fav micky d's sandwich too!! it makes me feel less guilty hahaha.