Monday, November 8, 2010

hehe mini haul :D

These masks r sooo cute! I cant wait to try them! But actually they cost more than MBD

Yeah! This sunscreen is sooo hard to find! .... well not really all of asia sells it BUT HK! >< 
hehe I have all kinds! Ive only tried the blue and white the pink and purple are new to me 

I read from someones blog that this is suppose to be really good! Well see if it works for me! 

Look out for the reviews! 


  1. Oh great haul! I've heard great things about those FaceQ masks but haven't tried them out myself.

  2. great haul! i am intrigued by the biore sunscreen now! where did you find yours?

  3. Those masks look so cute, I'm waiting for my grocer to stock them hehe.

  4. great haul ! I love Biore sunscreens too ! Too bad that Malaysia didn't carry its full range too >_<

  5. great haul! let us know how the different sun screens work out :]