Tuesday, November 16, 2010


1. Color circle lens  

2. Before Bb cream

3. After Bb cream 

4. Shadow

5. Mascara

6. Fake Lashes

7. Bottom Lashes

8. More Mascara

9. Shading and Highlighting 

10. Lip Gloss


Before and After

Kinda creeepy to know that maybe all those hot jap chicks are probably not so hot but this girl sure knows how to use makeup! 


  1. Woah OMG indeed!! That's a crazy before and after!

  2. i need to get myself some double eye lid tape and eye lashes dude!!! haha i showed j this and he was like WOW this world is so scary! hahaha

  3. Wow what a transformation! She did a great job with the lashes. :)

  4. omg im so tweeting your page!!

  5. What confuses me about these before and afters are that the whites of their eyes seem to enlarge AFTER they put on circle lenses. How does that work?? Is it just the pose that they're posing in?? I imagine that when you put on these huge circle lenses, the amount of white surface area visible would decrease since the circle lenses are larger than normal lenses, right?

    I'm just pouting cause I can't seem to achieve the same results when I pop in circle lenses. :/

  6. crazyyyy but kinda knew this awhile back. This girl does know how to apply makeup on! I wonder how their husband reacts when they see their wife with absolutely no makeup...

  7. OMG! u named the post well! i was like OMG-ing all the way! awesome tutorial... following :D

    love, mica

  8. OMG!!! I want to learn from her. haha