Friday, November 19, 2010

Unexpected treat

(Lindt Lindor Dark Truffle, Ferrero Garden)
Today started off being pretty bad. I woke up super groggy cuz I just didnt sleep enough last night and then on my way to the car I slipped and fell on the ice >< and hurt my leg. No big injuries but my bum got all wet and its probably bruised. So that didn't start very well and I wasn't looking forward to like 6 hours of presentations I was about to attend this morning. Anyways, on to the good the presentations didn't turn out that bad, they were quite interesting and after a bit of coffee I managed to stay awake through all of them! Then during lunch, a resident who sat next to me gave me his only Lindt truffle from his lunch! I wonder if he saw me eyeing his dark lindor truffle? But it was a nice treat and made my day because I didn't even ask :)! I just luv unexpected treats even if its just one choc :D!

Do you like Lindt chocolate and if so which kinds your favorite?

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  1. My coworker bought like 10 bags of Lindt chocolate at the outlet and it was completely gone by the end of the week, they are too good to have just one! haha Hazelnut is delish!