Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kose White Milky Wash

I got a sample of the Kose White Milky Wash. I have never used any products from Kose before so this was my first product from them. I got about 3 washes from the sample I received.

Where to buySasa

Price: $6.50 for 20mls

What they claim:
"Kose Medicated SEKKISEI White Milky Wash is a rich and nourishing cleanser that produces rich and fine foam. It effectively removes aged cuticles and impurities causing dull skin. After cleansing, skin looks watery and translucent. What’s more, it allows better absorption of later skin care products for an optimal result. Mild, comfortable and light sensation is brought, even to sensitive and delicate skin. 

How to use it:
Pump 1-2 times to get a proper amount of White Milky Wash onto palm. Add drops of water and work into lather. Massage over face and then rinse off thoroughly. 

What it looks like: 
Its a milky white liquid in the consistency of a lotion

What I think:

Good things: 
1. It removes makeup pretty well. 
2. My skin feels quite moisturized after use

OK things: 
The scent was a little strong for me but I wouldn't consider it offensive 

Bad things: 
I only have one bad thing to say about this product, and it was probably my fault. I accidentally got this in my eye, and it stung like a BIT*H!!

Things I didn't see:
I didn't see any "translucent" skin after using it, but again I used it 3 times. 
 My skin didnt seem to absorb other skin care products better 

Overally, not a bad cleanser, but again Im basing that on my 3 usages. 

Anyone else tried this or anything from this brand? 

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