Monday, April 11, 2011

Quite Cute

MAC has a new collection out called "Quite Cute", from the pictures it is actually "quite cute", but in real life, I wasn't really blown away from it. 

I'm not a lippy girl so, I wasn't ecstatic over all the pastels in the collection, although "Playing Koi" looks like a really pretty coral (first in the picture), but its sold out online. 

I swatched the mineralized blusher today, but the pigmentation was pretty horrible, they all looked like the same color... a pale pale pink that would not likely show up on my skin tone.

The nail polish was mediocre, nothing we haven't seen before, a pale purple, cotton candy pink and a mint color.

Overall, not overly impressed with the collection. Seems like MAC is just throwing all these products at us so fast that they're not even putting any effort into them.

What did you think of this collection? 
Did you picked up anything from this collection?

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  1. hola~stellar started blogging more regular now :P more time on my hand...wheee

    YOU KNOW WHAT!!! THat's what i'd always thought about MAC~ throwing these variations out without more thoughts

    the heart does seem cute! bbbuuuttt i hauled too much on NARS and jap's drugstore cosme recently

    just did a review for angelika the multiple in cotton candy!