Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do you like Justic Beiber??

If you do, YOUR IN LUCK! He doesnt just sing and make tshirts hes coming out with nailpolish too!

So I went to Walmart to return something and of course I have to walk by the beauty section to browse around. To my surprise I saw Justin Beibers face there. I have never been a big fan of him and I don't get why girls luv him so much... but thats besides the point. I was just questioning why is he even in the beauty section teaming up with OPI to make nailpolish? It seems a little odd... but I guess girls/women are the easiest to make $ off of?

Anyways, the collection is called "One Less Lonely Girl" and is part of the Nicole by OPI brand. There are 14 colors and to my surprise are quite pretty and glittery. I particularly like "One less Lonely Glitter", "My Lifesaver" and I wanna try  "Baby Blue" but I didnt get any yet but i should probably since Im sure theyll sell out sooon!
Which ones are you eyeing?? 

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  1. I dont mean to hurt anybody's feelings, but ... nail polish signed / advertised by a dude ... i understand the marketing and all ... but ... thanks, but no thanks ;)