Monday, January 17, 2011

Whats your favorite concealer?

Im running out of my concealer and looking for a new one. I am currently using Keven Beauty Maker BB Mineral Conceal Cream. Its ok, but when i get really dry skin it accentuates it ><.  I have previously tried the Guerlain issima precious light smoothing Illuminator and Maybelline dream mousse concealer. They're both soso, the Guerlain one would be much better if it didn't cost me a arm and a leg, the dream mousse concealer is not good for dry skin but great if you have somewhat oily skin. I also use BB creams, foundations to conceal but it just isnt enough sometimes.

I was thinking of the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage which is suppose to "completely camouflages dark circles, minor imperfections and discolorations." I don't like that heavy I've got tons of makeup look and i hate concealers that crease because I have pretty dry skin and live in a SUPER DRY place!

Any suggestions?

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  1. herm...may be YSL Eclat Touche ? Heard that's not bad =)