Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I ♥ u!

I am falling back into love with my Makeup Forever Waterproof Lengthening Mascara. I got it in a package a long time ago but didnt start using it till last year I think. But I LOVE IT!!

It makes my lashes super duper long! (Look at the right side (your left side))! It doesn't give much volume but I just layer a volumous mascara over it and it works fine or I just leave it! I think it looks pretty natural and its easy to put on and take off! No flaking, no smudging AND its waterproof! ME  IT!

I cant seem to find it at Sephora anymore but the official Makeup Forever website still carries it 
Ill have to check it out the next time I see a MUF store, it comes in black, brown, purple and blue
Check it out at your local MUF store!


  1. nice ~~~ I like the mascara that has tiny brush because my lashes are short T_T Will check this out in the MUFE store mine here^^

  2. Yes the palette is sooo pretty!! I def recommend hehe Omg! are you from calgary too? I see zoolights from some of your older posts haha!

  3. Wow sounds like a winner. I've been tempted to try out Dior's 360 mascara. Have you tried that one before?