Thursday, January 27, 2011

Perfect Imperfections

I stumbled across this gorgeous girls' Youtube one day and just started watching her OOTDs, makeup and hair tips. Yesterday, I came across her Perfect Imperfections tag and I was pretty shocked when I finished watching. Little did I know this beautiful girl who on the outside looks stylish, beautiful and appears to be sweet and talented had such little self confidence. In this 8 minute video she spent probably more than 6 minutes talking about how she thinks shes not thin enough, and how her nose is not perfect enough and how theres chub on her back!? and shes not even fat?! Shes 5'6 and 140lb! Thats a normal BMI of 22.6 (I know Im a geek for even calculating it). When i was watching this I was thinking are you kidding me? To me she looks stunning! Actually she resembles Christina Applegate.

I don't think I realize how many girls out there have these problems, as many comments below stated that they understood her and could relate to her. Of course I knew there are some people out there like that, but I would never imagine someone who looked like her and somewhat of a "beauty guru" on Youtube would ever have these thoughts? I guess I have always grown up with confidence... and I have no clue where it comes from as Im not pretty, smart or talented :P. Someone once told me I have too much!? (which I dont think but whatever). on a tangent there, I think all i want to say is that beauty comes from within. Although, that might be hard to believe on some occasions when you see models, celebrities and so forth put on their "made up" mask and all the sudden they do look a ton more appealing. I also get caught up in this world, as who doesn't want more radiant skin, beautiful bright eyes, a hot body, and some extra neurons up there? But as I age, I have started to accept that I will NEVER be as skinny or hot like Jessica Alba, or even some of my friends. But I think each and everyone of us has something special, no matter what we look like on the outside. Just realize that as age catches up with us, all we will have behind our wrinkled faces is our inner beauty shinning through.  


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