Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Pancini

My fs birthday was last week. We went to a new Italian restaurant which was kinda $$ and not very good at all
Here are some pics from the night. 

Grilling our fancy bread 

Opening of presents cuz we couldnt wait till we ate! :D 
Haha i have no clue y i look sooo scared of those masks! 

Our Meals 

Lasagna de Casa

Group Pics - a random offered to take a pic for us??? It was kinda weird.... or maybe he was really just being nice?  

Haha my fs telling me theres a Chanel Sale thus my expression! (jk! theres no sale)

Haha Happy birthday! i felt like your mom cuz I was taking soo many pics of u like u asked for! 

Aiya! Sue found hair in her tiramisu!
and i think she was blonde too! 

mmmm!! Mine didnt have hair... but tooo sweet! 

Looks like a class pic :D 

Great night even though food wasn't awesome! Got to gossip and catch up! :D 

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  1. Aw, sorry to hear the food wasn't that great but at least you all still had a good time. :D

    P.S Haha...yeah, I saw the pink JC flats on sale and couldn't resist. :P