Thursday, June 10, 2010

NYX ♥ Ultra Pearl Mania Walnut

Sorry Ive been doing soo many neutral looks lately but I am in LOVE with browns and coppers! and theyre sooo easy to wear during the day! AND i think i look younger with neutral shades (but that might just be in my mind?) 

I decided to use my NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigment in Walnut since i barely use it... I dont know y cuz its gorgeous! 

I got mine from Cherry Culture for like 50 cents way back when they had those sales! 

What i used: 

  • Laura Mercier limited edition Glided Garden Shimmer Bloc (base)
  • NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut 
  • Esprique Precious C-1 (white cream shimmery shadow) 
  • MUFE liner in 2L 
  • Wet n Wild Gel Liner in black 
  • Maybelline Falsies and Colossal Scara 
  • Panasonic electric curler 

How to: 
Start with a pink/neutral base that will brighten the eyes 
Dab it all over the eye lid 

Then i dipped a dry fluffy eye shadow brush into the pigment (u only need a little bit) 
Place a kleenex under your eye to prevent fall outs
Sweep pigment in outter V 
Yes i know.... i didnt blend yet...

Line upper line with brown pencil and water line with black gel liner 

I then used Esprique C-1 the cream shimmer shadow to the whole bottom lash 

Topped off with Maybelline Falsies and Colossal Scara (I alternated coats - eg. first falsies, then coat Colossal and so on) 
Curled with Panasonic electric curler and Koji Curler 

Hope you guys enjoyed ANOTHER neutral look! :P 


  1. Awesome! I love neutral looks. =]

  2. i like it! me still learning to do the V shadow towards the edge!

    screwup many times..

    this color does compliment you truly~

    hey thanks for the tips!
    stick the falsie right under our lashes..
    is it easy to remove? will my real lashes yank out ?

    wanna tryout this weekend..using your tips!

  3. thanks for re-assuring me hehe
    *noted not too near the eyeball

    once more question, do you think its sokay to use cleansing oil and remove the false lashes?
    gently massage the bone of falselashes..and then dry it up?

  4. yay! sometimes with my stupif lighting hand ..i strip the false lashes way too quickly and OWWWWW gahhh my real lashes T___T *sam tung sie

    oopsie as for JS dazzling moon, its a gift for my sister so no EOTD
    the glittering grey&black is beautiful for Smokey eyes & depth!!
    half blue half grey?