Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Review

I was super excited after seeing this mascara on someones blog. Imagine looking like you have falsies on with out going through all that trouble of actually putting them on! So as soon as it came to stores I ran to get one of my own!

I got mine on sale at Shoppers for $3.99 this week but I think it retails for $7-10. I got the color Blackest Black.

The first time i tried it on I was in a hurry so it was a quick swipe of the mascara which ended in quite disappointing results.... I guess i put too much expectations into this! I should learn by now! What they show/sell you in commercials is not what you ACTUALLY get! haha cuz if you go to their website and read the small print below the pic it says "Erin’s look is enhanced in post-production"! haha! AND shes prob wearing REAL falsies -__-

But i still haven't learnt that and still get sucked into it :(!

Anyways! the first time I didnt get ANY "falsie" effect all i got was really spidery lashes that would NOT curl! ><
That totally suxed considering the name of the mascara is called "the falsies"!

So a couple days later I tried it again with more effort and this is what I got

What it claims:
Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of more lashes
patented spoon brush and Kera-fiber formula instantly builds 8x more volume without clumping to complete the falselash look.

What I like about it:
  • makes my lashes SUPER long
  • some what gives the "falsie" effect.... kind of 
  • the brush is small enough for me to coat corner lashes with precision
  • doesnt flake like the Colossal
  • holds curls really well
  • gives a teeeny weeeny bit of volume

What I dont like:
  • a little bit clumpy - I need to comb through lashes
  • dries too fast - I usually put one layer of scara on one eye and go to the next and then come back to it, but with this scara I cant do that because it dries tooo fast and if i switch between eyes it will start super clumping!!
  • takes WAY tooo long to make it look decent
  • didnt give enough volume (I have tight lined in the above picture to look like theres lots of lashes)

Who might like this:
  • people who have TONS of time in the morning to make their lashes perfect
  • who have short lashes
  • who want long lashes but not really volume

Would i buy again?
  • Maybe if it was $3.99 :P probably wont dish ot $10 for it though

What I'm wearing in the above picture:
  • Esprique Precious C-1 (darkest brown as a liner)
  • Maybelline Eye studio "copper chic" (lighest beige in corners and bottom line)
  • Wet n' wild gel liner in black to tight line
  • Mabelline the Falsies Volum' Express Mascara


  1. totally agree... my sister uses this and i sometimes borrow it but it just makes my lashes spidery looking :(

  2. Thx for ur comment! I know what u mean! It takes lots of time and patience for a good "falsie" effect... dont know if its worth it :P

  3. I was super excited about this mascara, too! You are lucky to have got it for only on sale at $3.99... I saw it on sale for this price the following week after I bought it for around $6 (I had a $1 off coupon)