Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Lashes Review

This is a super delayed review! Sorry -__-!
Janet was super generous and sent these lash kits for me to try. I recieved: intensifying, chic and defining.

There are two types of lashes from this collection. One is typical kit including glue and the other type has a self adhesive band so no glue is required.

What I liked about them:
  • invisible band so its easier to conceal with liner
  • there is a choice of natural short length lashes (Chic) for normal day wear and very dramatic ones for going out to party!
  • they are light weight
  • includes step by step instructions on the back for those who have no clue
  • comes with glue
  • comes with extra eye lash applicator (no clue how to use that thou)

What i dont like:
  • only thing i didnt like was the fact that the self adhesive lashes pretty much dont stick? well not on my eye lids at least. I had to use glue
  • quite expensive if i had to buy them ranges between $6-9

How i used them:  
  1. I cut them into little tiny strips about 1cm long
2. Glue tiny lash strips on water line (NOT on top of the lashes but under the lashes - the part where it touches your eyeball but not tooo close or itll be uncomfortable)

3. I have a total of 5 tiny lash strips in the picture below

4. Lined top lash line with gel liner/brown shadow

5. scara and curled



  1. you definitely have a better hand at putting them on than me! i should try cutting them into smaller parts! I agree that it isnt really self adhesive... I had to use glue too! and I just totally spent an additional 5 minutes enjoying myself and listening to the music on your page lol

  2. Yah!! cutting them into tiny pieces make it a whole lot easier to handle. AND u can pile them on for a more dramatic effect!
    Im glad u enjoy the music i always think its toooo old skool :P!

  3. beauuutiful photos!! sharp & details!
    thank you for the review~ so weird that revlon lashes didnt hit my shore :(

    am crap at attaching false lashies T__T
    the last post..the inner corner eyes *boing out*choi

    i need to learn from ya snips them into smaller parts and glue them on! yeah snips snips snips

    aww sormui ~ i hav good skin day and BAD SKIN DAYS!(PMS) time

    yay i can comment on your blog...!
    wonder why ..last time no options?