Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Burt's Bees Rosewater & Glycerin Toner Review

Where to buy: I got a 8 fl. oz. (236ml) bottle from Walmart for ~$14 (0.06 cents/ml)

Whos it for: the bottle states that its for sensitive and mature skin 

What it claims: Rosewater & Glycerin Toner, a traditional toiletry used for centuries, gently purifies and tones sensitive and mature facial skin. 

Directions: Apply toner to skin with a cotton ball after cleansing, keeping away from the eye area. Or blot onto temples and forehead anytime throughout the day for cool, fresh, instant relief from hot, humid, polluted, stuffy and other stressful conditions. 

Ingredients: Water, SD alcohol 40-B, vegetable glycerin, yucca extract, rose water, cornflower extract, witch hazel extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract sodium citrate. 

Not tested on animals 
100% Natural 

First Impression: very strong smell of alcohol and roses! Shoulda guessed when alcohol is the second ingredient on the list. I used this after washing my face. First impressions are - i didnt like it that much cuz it just felt like i was putting alcohol on my face. 

However, ive been using this for a couple months now and i luv it! There is no longer that alcohol smell (maybe it evaporated??) and it leaves my skin really fresh and smooth! Im only half way done the bottle but Ive had it for at least 4 months, seems like a better deal than Lush toners which are 7$ for less than half this bottle (3.3 fl. oz.). 

What I like about it: 
  • I luv the rose smell after the alcohol has evaporated 
  • the clean, fresh, soft feeling after use 
  • the price tag 
  • doesnt break me out 
  • doesnt dry me out 
  • contains witch hazel (treatment for acne)
  • 100% natural
What I didnt like about it:
  • the only thing i didnt like was the alcohol smell in the beginning but after a couple uses, it disappeared. 
Would I buy again? 
  • Probably if i cant find a good toner for the same price tag

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